“in shaky unison”
- The New York Times

The Kate Bush Dance Troupe is an ongoing collaborative ensemble of visual artists and performers who create dance performances inspired by the musical and emotive stylings of Kate Bush.

Members: Samara Davis, Jennifer Sullivan, Erica Magrey, Sophia Peer, Sophia Cleary, Kate Scherer, Sonia Stagg, Renata Espinosa, Cassie Thornton, Margaret Lee

KBDT has had the pleasure of performing for the “E.S.P. T.V. Christmas Special” at the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural & Educational Center, NY in December 2012, Sculpture Center, Queens, NY in September 2012; Tandem, Brooklyn, NY in June 2011; 179 Canal Street, NY, NY in 2011 and The Kitchen NY, NY in December 2009

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The Kate Bush Dance Troupe - Hammer Horror on Merry Christmas Mary Boom! from Kate Bush Dance Troupe on Vimeo.