For these dance performances, I work with one other individual. I want to create a dyadic intimacy and explore the potential of what can be made. What we create derives from a predetermined choreographic form. The form is an armature for the individual performances. In each piece, the other performer and I decide and negotiate what the movements will be, as each performance demands that changes be made based on our physical capabilities and/or comfort levels. These decisions are informed rather than dictated by the choreography. In this way, ‘choreography,’ as it functions in my work, is a structure or mode of relating, and it is a basis for improvisation.

'brother sister lover' began as a collaboration with Gideon Grody-Patinkin. It was first performed as a works-in-progress in November 2011 at Open Performance through Movement Research. The piece was re-worked and newly developed with Joseph Teeling in February 2012 through Workshop, an itinerant performance space organized by Samara Davis and Alex Fleming. It has most recently been performed as an iteration called 'The Tirade' with Kate Berlant in June and September of 2012, and performed again as another iteration with Ana Lieberman in January 2013.

photo by Ian Douglas